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Climate Change solutions - just like emissions - encompass the entire economy. Most funds have appetite to affect more of the climate ecosystems than their in-house technical expertise. Use our experts to supplement your due diligence and thesis formation process.

How this works

1. Send us the company blurb or deck and founder names
2. We send you back relevant available experts, prices and potential conflicts of interest if any
3. You pick the expert
4. Expert does the diligence: deck + email Q&A with the founders, sitting in on the pitch or both.
5. Payment or carry upon completion of services

Our Experts

From advanced fission to electric aviation, from alternative meats to combustion - we've got you covered.From ex ARPA-e to CEOs to Google X - our experts have extensive experience in the their technical discipline, in early stage project and in impacts on climate.

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Our Experts

Our experts cover a variety of technical topics related to climate change and have experience with startups or early stage projects. Among others - they are chemists, architects, aviation engineers, material scientists, nuclear engineers, and computer scientists. They worked for ARPA-e, NASA, Google X, Kairos Energy, Zola Electric, Indie Bio and many others. Whether you need to validate the tech of a nuclear design, electric aviation, plastic digesting microbes, or gis AI - we have the experts for you.Sample ProfilesAdrienne Little is an expert in thermal systems, large scale grid storage and alternative refrigeration. She is currently VP of System Design at Antorra Energy. Previously, Adrienne was a rapid evaluator at [X] (Google's moonshot factory), thermal systems lead at Malta Inc and a fellow at ARPA-e - the largest funder in the US of early stage energy projects. Adrienne holds a PhD from Georgia Tech and a BS from UC Berkley.Matthew Eisaman is an expert on ocean CDR, ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE), electrochemical OAE. He has spent the last decade developing technologies that capture CO2 from the air using the natural ocean-atmosphere equilibrium. He is an Associate Professor at Stony Brook University and the CTO of Ebb Carbon, Inc., received an A.B. in physics from Princeton, and a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard. Matt was a member of the research staff at Xerox PARC from 2008-2011, and a physicist at Brookhaven National Lab from 2011-2014. Since 2014, Matt has served as a technical advisor at X, The Moonshot Factory (formerly Google X).Jun Axup is an expert in biotech, food, alternative proteins, agriculture, biomaterials, biofermentation, synthetic biology, bioremediation, circular economy. Jun was formerly the Chief Science Officer and Partner at IndieBio - a leading life science accelerator. She had funded and advised over 170 biotech companies across all applications of human and planetary health, including food, sustainable agriculture, consumer biotech, computational biology, therapeutics, biomaterials, and climate solutions. She was also the cofounder of MYi Diagnostics and Scientist at Synthego and Sutro Pharma. She holds a PhD in chemical biology from The Scripps Research Institute.Alex Grant is an expert in lithium supply chain, minerals, chemicals, hydrometallurgy and water technology. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree in Energy for 2021, and Partner at Minviro where he builds environmental impact models of lithium-ion battery supply chain processes. He is a technology innovation advisor at Zelandez, a lithium brinefield services company with operations in Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile, and a research affiliate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Alex co-founded Lilac Solutions, a Silicon Valley lithium extraction technology company funded by Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures and others.
Alex holds an M.S. from Northwestern University in Chemical Engineering and a B.Eng. from McGill University in Chemical Engineering & Philosophy.
Olya Irzak - is an expert on methane (sources, observation & mitigation), carbon offset markets (both voluntary and California Compliance), smart grid and generalized software. Olya is the Founder & CEO of Frost Methane - a company finding concentrated methane emissions and installing their mitigation devices. She is also the founder of Diamond List - an annual list of early stage climate companies. She was previously a system architect at Zola Electric working on rural minigrids, early stage prototyper at Google X - working on early stages of Dandelion (geothermal heating & cooling) and Malta (long duration storage), a team lead at Google Energy on advanced grid technologies and lectured computer science at the University of Toronto. She speaks 5 languages and sports a mild kitesurfing addiction.And dozens more...Are you a world class expert in a sub topic of climate change? Do you have experience building or funding very early stage projects? Apply to join at


Investors know how to pick individuals, teams and diligence a market and policy.However, particularly when it comes to something as broad as climate tech, no one has all the expertise in house.Early stage investors and angels often use their friends and the founders they've invested in for the tech diligence gut-check.
However, founders we've surveyed felt that they were qualified to evaluate < 30% of the deals that they were sent to evaluate - not to mention that they have companies to run, and if they're in a hot field and all their investors send them deals - this quickly becomes a distraction.
We know you can't hire a McKinsey for every deal you look at. With our experts - you don't pay for a learning curve or in depth market reports. You pay just for the time you use to diligence and communicate in a way of your choice - often just an hour or two.

How this Works

The diagram above denotes a typical flow of a request.
However, we are early and flexible, so if a request is urgent, or there is a strict cap on total spend or strict legal requirements - do let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.
Note on Conflict Of Interest
Some climate sub fields are very small, and experts may have some overlap with the founders they're evaluating. Our policy is to be transparent about any potential conflict of interest, and let you - the investor decide what is acceptable and where objectivity might be clouded. In the event that the expert works at a potential competitor, we would require the consent of the evaluated company as well.